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Développeur John Kelley

With IOU Traffic you can now view live traffic conditions for your immediate area, because lets face it...the traffic you care about is the traffic between you and your destination. Incorporating your iPhone camera and GPS capabilities, combined with the latest traffic mapping technology, you can now become both a receiver and reporter of traffic events.

IOU Traffic has developed strategic partnerships with your local radio stations that will use your input to deliver the best, most relevant traffic reports to their listeners. Volunteer to be a “traffic reporter” and participating stations may call on you for an “eye-witness” report.

IOU Traffic takes reported events (categorized as Faulty Traffic Lights, Traffic Offenses, Hazards, Accident, Closure/Detour, and Police Activity) and places iconic markers on your map. Clicking on a marker will reveal the event details including time, location, and even a photograph of the event.

How many times have you witnessed offensive, unsafe, or dangerous driving and wished you could report the incident? IOU Traffic makes reporting the offender easy. With just a few clicks you can record the time, place, and photo capturing the moment.

IOU Traffic allows you to “see” what lies ahead, to better determine if an alternative route is necessary, or to simply wait out the delay where you are. IOU Traffic gives you the forward vision you need.

IOU stands for “It’s On US” and implies that we are responsible for and accountable to improve the safety of our nation’s road and highway network. The IOU Traffic App enables you to be a part of the solution, by reporting what you see and no longer having to accept the unacceptable as a way of life.